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Image of Cat Flea [Ctenocephalides felis] | Ehrlich Pest Control Fleas are a common pest problem in homes with pets, like cats, dogs or even birds, as fleas rely on animal blood, not human blood, to reproduce and multiply.

However, fleas may also be present in vacant rental units and empty homes or apartments previously occupied by a flea infested pet. Even homes without pets could be at risk, if there are wild animals or feral cats living under your home (in crawl spaces) or nearby.

FREE Flea Inspection for Your Home

Let Ehrlich take care of your flea problem! Our inspection service includes:

  • Thorough inspection of your home to confirm flea presence
  • Location of problem areas inside your home
  • Inspection of pet bedding areas
  • Exterior inspection of common areas to find fleas (including garages, porch areas and outdoor kennels)
    Once the presence of fleas is confirmed, targeted flea control treatment is carried out inside your home (including in basements and garages), and also in your yard, using appropriate pesticides.

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Flea Control In Your Home

Flea control is important not only because of the discomfort bites cause to pets and people but also because fleas are a public health concern.
Prior to a professional flea control, homeowners should carry out basic house cleaning in preparation for the extermination of fleas. One of the main tasks includes a thorough clean of your home, which should include:

  • Clear the floors
  •  Wash or discard pet bedding
  • Vacuum floors and upholstered furniture

Proper preparation can mean the difference between successful control and failure. Find out more about how to get rid of fleas and how Ehrlich can help you.

When Your Home Is Most At Risk To Fleas

Fleas can be a problem in both summer and fall months. In the summertime the increased outdoor temperatures provide ideal flea development conditions and in the fall, the increased heat from indoor radiators being switched on provides the same ideal conditions.

In previously vacant homes, the vibration of footsteps from new homeowners can also stimulate adult fleas to emerge - even if the adults have been dormant for a long period of time.

How Can I Tell If I Have Fleas? 

The cat flea is the most common flea in North America, although the dog, human and oriental rat fleas can also be found. Flea bites, in particular, are a common complaint amongst homeowners and one of the most obvious signs of fleas. Although fleas are generally pretty difficult to identify owing to their small size - they are typically 1/32” to 1/16” long and reddish brown in color.

How Can I Get Rid of Fleas?

It can be difficult to get rid of fleas owing to their complex biology and successful treatment must be able to target both the adult fleas as well as the eggs and larvae to ensure complete extermination. Homeowners working together with professional pest control technicians have the greatest chance to ensure effective home flea control treatment.

Thorough and regular house cleaning is critical for both flea control and prevention.  

Should I Be Worried About Flea Bites? 

As well as being annoying, flea bites can cause allergic reactions or dermatitis. Some fleas can carry and transmit parasites to both humans and animals. Find out more about health concerns relating to flea diseases.

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