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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

It is universally accepted, that the best way to get rid of bed bugs in your home is with the help of professional bed bug treatment.

Why Worry About Bed Bugs? 

  • Bed Bug crawling on skin An infestation can develop without you knowing - infestations are often symptomless at first as bed bugs stay hidden most of the time. They can also survive for months without a meal, meaning you may not even receive any bites to point to their presence.
  • A small problem can quickly turn into a large infestation - this is due to rapid rate at which bed bug reproduce. A mature female produces 300-500 eggs in her lifetime and pregnant bed bugs will seek out less male-populated areas. This way bed bugs spread the infestation around your home.
  • Resilience to pesticides - once firmly established, bed bugs can be difficult to control, due to the resilience they have built up against conventional pesticide materials. Over-the-counter DIY products and other natural home remedies are often useless against this pest. Professional techniques using steam, heat and fumigation are proven to be successful.

FREE Bed Bug Inspections

Contact Ehrlich online NOW or call us at to schedule a FREE bed bug inspection of your home. A technician will visit your home, confirm the presence of bed bugs and make an expert suggestion for treatment. 

We advise all homeowners to act quickly, and at the first sign of a problem to ensure quick and efficient control and to action any prevention tips so that bed bugs do not return ever again.

Ehrlich’s Bed Bug Treatment Service

Professional treatment options are able to target extensive areas of your home to ensure elimination of all bed bugs, wherever they may be hiding

Our extensively-trained bed bug specialists can quickly discover if you have a problem or not.

Our service begins with an assessment, then moves onto a customized treatment plan, followed by a follow-up service, as detailed below.

Customer Preparation 

Your Ehrlich technician will provide you with a preparation sheet (also available in Spanish), which lists the minimum requirements that you should complete prior to a service.

We often recommend a thorough cleaning of all areas and rooms in your home, if required. This will help to disturb and eliminate potential harbor sites for bed bugs.

As part of the preparation, you may be asked to disassemble your bed for easier treatment.

In the case of large infestations, we may recommend that you discard your mattress and box spring (ensure these are wrapped and sealed in plastic in the infested room before removal).

If you wish to keep your mattress and box spring, we would recommend you purchase a bed bug mattress protector, as this will help to minimize potential for re-infestation.

Further recommendations include:

  • All linens, such as bedding and curtains, and washable items should be washed in hot water and dried at high heat.  
  • Stuffed animals or decorative pillows should be placed in a dryer for 30 minutes where possible.  
  • Dressers and nightstands should be emptied and drawers removed for inspection and treatment.

Customer Interview 

It is important to understand if there might be possible contributing factors to a potential bed bug problem.

Your technician will ask you a series of questions, which will include:

  • Has anyone been bitten?
  • Have your neighbors had a bed bug infestation?
  • Has anyone recently been on a trip?
  • Has any new or used furniture recently been brought into the home?

Home Inspection 

A thorough inspection of your home is critical as the first stage of a control plan and this may be a little disruptive. Ehrlich offers a FREE bed bug inspection of your home.

As part of the inspection we will:

  • inspect areas that contain personal items
  • beds may be dismantled
  • furniture may need to be displaced
  • carpet edges may need to be pulled back
  • outlet covers and switch plates might need to be removed
  • inspect window curtains - bed bugs may be hiding in the folds and pleats

Bed bugs are cryptic by nature and prefer to remain hidden during daytime. Your Ehrlich technician will use a bright flashlight to look in any dark, isolated places, which may harbor bed bugs, as well as looking for other common signs of their presence.

Insect monitors (sticky traps) may be left around bed bug hotspots to catch some insects but generally a visual inspection is far more productive.

Your technician will wear disposable gloves to avoid bed bug bites and may use multiple hand tools, including a magnifying lens as part of the inspection.

K-9 / Bed Bug Dog Inspections

Dogs are known for their keen sense of smell and at Ehrlich we have a team of trained bed bug dogs, which can help to detect and locate the presence of bed bugs in your home - their detection is proven to be extremely accurate.

A compliment our home inspection service, these specialized dogs help Ehrlich technicians to inspect for bed bugs quickly and with less disruption.

Bed Bug Control Solutions 

Conventional Treatment - The most commonly used method of removing bed bugs in residential homes, conventional bed bug treatments consist of the use of insecticides in the form of dusts, liquids and aerosols to eliminate infestations. Our conventional bed bug service includes 3 treatments over the course of 4 to 6 weeks. In some instances, your bed bug technician may recommend a steam treatment along with your conventional treatment.

Heat Treatment - Using high-efficiency technology, our heat treatment service is able to kill bed bugs in all stages of life - both adults, nymphs and eggs. Heat bed bug treatments also act fast - often removing bed bugs from locations in less than 6 hours. Contact your local branch to ask if heat treatment for bed bugs is available in your area. 

Year Round Protection Plan 

Ehrlich’s Year Round Protection Plan now covers Bed Bugs at NO ADDITIONAL FEE for the first 12 months of service.

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when the cost of eliminating these insects in a home is quite high.

If you enroll in the Year Round Protection Plan, you can help to guard your home against this unwanted insect and other common household pests.

Call Ehrlich NOW at or contact your local office to schedule your FREE bed bug inspection or for more advice.

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