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Bed Bugs Travel Advice

Bed Bug Suitcase Increased international travel is commonly recognized as one of the major contributing factors in the resurgence of bed bugs. 

Alongside food poisoning and lost luggage, worry about bed bugs is a top concern for travelers.

Lack of awareness and the “it will never happen to me” attitude have greatly contributed to the spread of bed bugs - or ‘travel bugs’ as they may be dubbed one day in the future.

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Bed Bug Travel Tips

Bed bugs are great hitchhikers. They are flightless and rely on the help of travelers to carry them back and forth from hotels, motels, college dorms, apartment buildings, movie theaters, airplanes, trains, buses, second-hand furniture and clothing items.

How To Avoid Hotel Bed Bugs

Recognizing the growing concern amongst frequent travelers, the National Pest Management Association advised all Spring Breakers (and travelers in general) in 2013 on useful bed bug prevention tips.

It is important to know that bed bugs really can be anywhere, in youth hostels, motels and even in five star hotels.

  • Look for bed bugs BEFORE you unpack - When you get to your destination, the most important thing to do is to look for bed bugs.  The most common place in hotels is behind the head board that is attached to the wall, however mattresses, sheets, sofas, and upholstery are other common habitats.  Look for live insects as well as other common signs.
  • Do NOT place luggage on the bed - do not place luggage on or near your sleeping area or any upholstered items - bed bugs prefer carpeted, soft areas. Instead, place luggage on luggage racks, on dressers, desks and even in bathtubs - bed bugs find it difficult to walk on polished surfaces.
  • Inspect your luggage while repacking - check your clothes and the inside of your luggage (including all zipped compartments) for any sign of these insects to avoid transporting them home.
  • If you notice something suspicious - notify hotel staff immediately and ask to move rooms to be extra safe. Ensure that you are not moved into a room directly adjacent, underneath or below your previous room, as bed bugs are known to easily spread into adjacent bedrooms.
  • Wash your clothes once you return home - we advise either placing belongings in the freezer or laundering in hot, soapy water and drying in high heat.

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