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Bed Bug Bites & Symptoms

Bed Bug Neck Bite Waking up to find insect bites on your body should be a concern for most people. 

Nowadays, most people will assume the culprit of the bite must be a bed bug - however, bites alone are not a clear indicator of bed bugs.

The good news is that bed bug bites do not hurt. Common bed bug bite symptoms typically include swollen red marks and itchiness. In rare instances, bites can result in allergic reactions and insomnia. 

Do Not Let Bed Bugs Bite!

Have you woken up to discover insect bites on your body? Worried you could have bed bugs?

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Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

The bed bug is a classic parasite, which needs to feed on the blood of humans (and other mammals) to survive and reproduce. 

Unlike other parasites, like fleas, bed bugs have not been shown to transmit any human disease and most people do not develop any serious skin reaction. However, discovering them in your bed or your home can still be quite distressing.

It can be difficult to identify the presence of bed bugs just by looking at the evidence of your bites. Looking for other signs of bed bugs will help to confirm their presence and allow you to get the best form of treatment for your home.

Interestingly, adults can survive approximately 1 year without feeding, and immature bed bugs (nymphs) can go 3-4 months without feeding.

Bed Bug Arm Bite Bed bugs need to bite in order to pierce the skin of their host to reach a blood vessel.

Symptoms of their bites vary between individuals. Early on in an infestation, the victim may not yet be sensitized to the bites and therefore may not develop itchy welts.

A single bed bug may bite more than once around the same area. However, bites in different parts of the body may indicate being bitten by several bed bugs.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? 

  • Bed Bug Leg Bite Look for red spots, which may become itchy
  • Bites often occur in straight lines, unlike mosquito bites, which tend to appear randomly in an area
  • Spots may become raised bumps and very itchy on sensitive people
  • Look for bites on you face, neck, hand, arms, torso or legs - anywhere where blood vessels are nearest the surface of the skin (although bites may occur anywhere on the body)

How To Treat Bed Bug Bites 

Most insect bites can be easily treated, and this is also true in the case of bed bug bites.

The majority of people do not develop a bad reaction to bites and thankfully they do not need to worry about transmitted diseases.  

If you only have a few bites, treatment is often not necessary. However, if the bites start to cause you distress, become itchy or turns into a more severe rash, you should consult a medic for professional treatment.

Medical treatment for bites 

Treatment will completely depend on the individual and the severity of the bites and may include:

  • mild steroid cream applied to skin
  • antihistamine tablets taken orally to relieve itching
  • antibiotics - these are only offered to people, who may have developed a rash of fluid-filled blisters, which can become infected if scratched

Emotional distress, resulting from the fear of bed bugs and their bites, is often more difficult to treat than the bites.

Do You Think You Have Bed Bugs? 

Are you experiencing bed bug bite symptoms? If you are alarmed by your insect bites and think bed bugs may be the cause, don’t waste any time!

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