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Getting Rid of Ants

Image of Black Ant Homeowners have long found ants to be one of the most difficult of pests to remove from their homes. 

Due to the highly complex nature of ant colonies and very specific control methods needed to rid homes of different ant species, we strongly recommend contacting a pest control professional if your home has been infested by ants.

Correctly identifying the species of ant that has infested your home is the first step to removing the presence of ants. Regardless if you have carpenter ants nesting in your bathroom or pharaoh ants invading your kitchen, Ehrlich Pest Control technicians receive industry-leading training on how to identify ant species and recommend the best ant control method.

Free Ant Inspection of Your Home

Image of Ehrlich Technician

Ehrlich Pest Control will inspect your home for ants and other common pests free of charge and provide you with a treatment recommendation that will address all your concerns. The free pest inspection includes: 

  • A thorough inspection of your home to confirm ant presence, including common ant infestation areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and any areas with excess moisture.
  • Your technician will search your home for ant trails and spot any nests inside your home or on the exterior of your home.
  • Once the presence of ants is confirmed and your technician has identified the species of ant in the home, a customized method of treatment will be recommended.

Call us NOW at (888) 976-4649 for advice or schedule a free ant inspection online today.

Ant Control Methods by Species 

Image of Carpenter Ant [Camponotus pennsylvanicus] | Ehrlich Pest Control Carpenter Ants 

Carpenter ants are among the largest and most difficult to control ants that commonly invade homes. The fast-spreading ants are often found traveling via structural guidelines such as water hoses, downspouts and anything on the house's exterior that has corners or edges.

The ant control process begins with the technician identifying all carpenter ant satellite colonies and nests.

Although various baits and bait formulations are available, the primary methods for carpenter ant control are nest and barrier treatments with residual insecticides.

Perimeter treatments are also often commonly applied to the exterior of homes using a liquid residual material.   

Image of Odorous House Ant [Tapinoma sessile] | Ehrlich Pest Control Odorous House Ants 

If an infestation of odorous house ants is identified in a home, the technician will track the ants by their distractive trails to the nest. Odorous house ant nests are almost always located outdoors. These tiny insects will travel great distances indoors to find food and water for the colony.

A non-repellent treatment will then be applied to the ant colony’s trails and nest. To ensure that no new trails are established after the initial treatment, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled 7-10 days later. Odorous house ants are very common and found throughout the United States.

Image of Red Imported Fire Ant [Solenopsis invicta] | Ehrlich Pest Control Red Imported Fire Ants 

Since it was first introduced to the United States around 1933, the Red Imported Fire Ant has been a nuisance to homeowners in southern states like Florida and South Carolina. This species of ant is native to South America and are known to readily sting humans in large numbers.

Fire ants build large mounds on top of the soil. When these mounds are disturbed, ants will emerge en masse and will begin to crawl over anyone or anything unlucky enough to be nearby. You may also notice the red-colored ants swarming around the mounds.

The most common solution for Red Imported Fire Ants is an application of bait materials near the mounds. Ants will feed on the bait and return it to the colony. Once the bait kills the queen fire ant, the colony will collapse.

We recommend that Red Imported Fire Ant treatments are conducted early on in the spring to decrease the likelihood of major infestations.

Tips to Keep Out Ants: 


  • Always cover food – who knows where that ant has been before it crawls across your food?!
  • Clean food and liquid spills immediately
  • Clean food debris from under kitchen appliances
  • Make sure all garbage cans are tightly sealed
  • Keep compost piles enclosed and covered
  • Put away pet food as soon as your pet has finished eating
  • Seal access points – cover cracks and crevices in door and window frames

Call Ehrlich Pest Control at (888) 976-4649 or contact us online for further advice on how to get rid of ants or to arrange a free inspection by an Ehrlich technician.

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