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Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter Ant Control Services from Ehrlich Will Eliminate All Infestations In Your Home. Carpenter ants in your home are always bad news. Due to their highly aggressive nature, these home-destroying ants are difficult to remove once they have entered a property without professional pest control expertise. 

If immediate action is not taken upon the identification of carpenter ants in your home, the pests can inflict serious damage.

Drawn to moisture, colonies of these pests will infiltrate homes and build nests in wood near:  

  • Windows
  • Doorframes
  • Attics
  • Chimneys
  • Bathtubs
  • Any other area in your home with damaged or waterlogged wood

If you believe your home could be infested with carpenter ants, it is strongly recommended that you contact licensed pest  professionals who can prescribe the best carpenter ant control solution for your unique situation.

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How Ehrlich Can Help

Getting rid of carpenter ants can be a pesky problem for homeowners, especially in northern U.S. states like Maryland and Pennsylvania. Ehrlich technicians all receive extensive training from licensed entomologists on the behavior of different ants that commonly invade structures, including carpenter ants.

A Carpenter ant damaging wood. Ehrlich is your source for carpenter ant control expertise. Identifying Carpenter Ants

The first step in advising the best carpenter ant control method is to successfully identify the ants in question as carpenter ants. The wood-excavating pests have 6 legs, oval-shaped bodies and are most commonly black in color although some species are red.

When identifying this insect, look for the single node, which is a prominent feature that can easily be seen. Carpenter ants also feature a distinctly round thorax.  Most of the time, if you see these two features together, then you can be reasonably sure you are dealing with a carpenter ant.  

Carpenter Ant Treatment Solutions  

  •  Dust Material Application

In many situations the use a dust material will be used to find and eliminate nests of carpenter ants in the interior of a home.  A pesticidal dust bulb and extension can reach into void areas and, when properly applied, the dust will float and thoroughly cover the hidden areas where carpenter ants can hide within a structure.  

Dust material treatments will be applied from the inside and will be followed up by a treatment from the outside. The two-fold approach helps to ensure that no hidden areas where nests may exist are overlooked.  

  • Perimeter Treatments

A treatment using non-repellent materials will be applied to the perimeter, focusing in on trails of carpenter ants that have been identified and problem areas where trails can potentially appear. The treatment can extend from the ground to any parts of the home’s exterior that the insects could use to enter the property.

The technician will also apply the treatment to any cracks in the home’s foundation by which carpenter ants and many other insects frequently use to enter residences.

  • Carpenter Ant Nest Treatments

Nest and barrier treatments are another component of Ehrlich’s carpenter ant control solutions. It is crucial that all nests are detected and treated in order to rid the home of all ongoing carpenter ant treatments. It can often be very difficult to spot carpenter ant nests without a trained eye and the right equipment. That’s why it is crucial to contact pest control professionals in the instance that your home faces a carpenter ant problem.

Call us at (888) 976-4649 for details on our carpenter ant control services or to schedule a free inspection service by an Ehrlich technician.

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