Home Pest Control

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Home Pest Control

Having pests in your home is more than an inconvenience. Pests can also pose health risks to adults, children, pets and can even cause damage your property.

Our mission at Ehrlich is not only to help you get rid of pests in your home, but to also ensure that they don't return.

We've helped thousands of families across the United States with common home pest control problems like eliminating and preventing wood destroying insects like termites and carpenter ants; protecting homes and gardens from mice and rats, as well as ensuring that homes and buildings are secure against nuisance birds  and stink bug invasions, to name a few.

Year Round Home Pest Control Protection Plans

Our Year Round Pest Protection Plan provides proactive pest prevention and protection from the 36 most common pests, including:

Ehrlich Technicians are trained professionals, who provide expert home pest control services and professional advice on how to get rid of pests in your property.

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