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Protecting Pharmaceuticals from Pests

At Ehrlich, we recognize the important role of pest control in ensuring that pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with the most stringent regulations

Ehrlich is well known within the pharmaceutical industry. We’re recognized for providing complete reassurance that your facility will be pest free and in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Ehrlich employs numerous Technicians who focus solely on the special needs of the pharmaceutical industry. We provide specialized service in pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratory areas. Our Technicians and Entomologists will work with you to define an effective service and will advise you on the practices and procedures that will reduce the risk of pests entering your facility.

Additionally, Ehrlich will provide your employees with complete in-service training so they can take a proactive role in pest management.

Ehrlich is also experienced in the providing pest control in extremely sensitive areas and we are a full ALAS participant.

To learn more about Ehrlich's pest management programs for pharmaceutical manufacturers or arrange a free inspection, please call us at .

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