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Protecting Multifamily Housing Properties Against Pests

Multifamily property managers need to act quickly at the first sign of a pest problem to prevent an infestation from spreading throughout the property and neighboring buildings as rat and mice populations increase rapidly. 

Protecting your properties against pests

We use cutting-edge technology to guarantee protection to your property and tenants from pest infestation.

Our flexible offers and pest control program help alleviate stress by giving you the confidence that your pest control issues are being handled by the world’s leading experts. Find out more about our services below.

Bed Bug Control Services

Bed Bug Control

As the experts in pest control, Ehrlich’s proactive approach to bed bugs involves education, early detection and proven eradication methods.

Our team of professionals are trained to understand the biological and behavioral nature of this elusive pest. 

Our solutions to eliminate bed bugs involve combinations of the following services:

Flying Insect Control

Flying Insect Control

Problems with flying insects such as houseflies and blowflies, moths, and mosquitoes in rented premises are important to address. 

Bees and other flying insect nests - commonly found at the building facade, in a roof structure – should be removed immediately. 

Flies are often attracted to trash collection points, either in a building’s basement or in outdoor areas housing trash receptacles, recycling containers and composting facilities. In most cases, protecting windows with screens will effectively prevent the entry and proliferation of flying insects within the property.

In the event that the flying insect problem cannot be permanently eliminated because of conditions conducive to pests, Ehrlich Pest Control offers a wide range of efficient fly trapping devices for use in indoor spaces such as basements, lobbies, stairwells, offices and kitchen areas.

Rodent Control

Rodent Control

In their relentless search for food, rats and mice constantly seek out structural weaknesses and will enter buildings through wall openings, open basement windows and even vertical gutters. 

Ehrlich recommends a dual approach, first to prevent entry through the strategic placement of bait outside the property and, second, to ensure the early detection of an infestation. Basements, attics, suspended ceilings and computer equipment rooms are all known problem areas that can benefit from appropriate monitoring solutions.

By focusing on prevention, pest control measures are only necessary for acute infestations. In such cases, Ehrlich deploys a wide range of discreet, access-restricted bait and detection boxes, as well as a range of treatments designed to suit the operational environment. 

Ehrlich Pest Control offers an effective service to protect landscaped gardens, parks and green areas from destruction by voles and moles. Our Vegetation Management Services will reduce pest harborage areas on your property.

Bird Control

Bird Control

Bird pests, especially pigeons, can be a major problem for property managers as they cause damage running into the millions to a building’s structure. 

Highly corrosive bird droppings destroy building facades and roofs. Nesting material frequently clogs rain gutters and drains. 

In addition, tenants are disturbed by foul-smelling bird droppings on window ledges and balconies, as well as persistent take-off and landing,cooing and wing-beating. But, more importantly, birds can pose a serious health hazard. Birds transmit harmful bacterial infections like Salmonella and histoplasmosis which can result form bird droppings, which in the absence of their host animals, can also infect humans. 

Ehrlich Pest Control can inspect and report on the scale of a bird problem and professionally clean and disinfect contaminated surfaces. We also offer a range of electric, wire, steel and netting systems to suit all types of building that deter birds from approaching, inhabiting and nesting in your property. 

Crawling Insect Control

Crawling Insect Control

Properties can be plagued by a variety of crawling insects including numerous species of ants, fleas, ticks and bed bugs. 

Cockroaches, in particular, find that warmth, water and food scraps make many boiler rooms, private and communal kitchens a welcoming habitat for uncontrolled reproduction. 

It is vital to recognize the signs of an infestation as early as possible in order to prevent transmission of disease-causing germs to tenants and their pets.

In the event of an infestation, Ehrlich’s pest experts have a range of state-of-the-art control methods at their disposal, selected according to the pest to be controlled and the sensitivity of the surroundings.

Control Of Stored Product Pests

Stored Product and Textile Pest Control

Ehrlich Pest Control offers field proven systems to control stored product pests including an innovative approach which uses an insects own pheromones to crush populations in certain situations.

Food supplies in private households and commercial kitchens, warehouses, basements or cafeterias attract pests such as cheese or flour mites, fruit flies and several species of beetles such as flour beetles, larder beetles and other grain beetles. These can rapidly spread throughout the entire building complex.

Termite Control

Termite Control

Termite Control starts with a careful evaluation of your entire property. 

Our Representative will identify any conditions that can attract termites and suggest simple steps to minimize those conditions. 

If termites are present, we develop a customized treatment plan based on the requirements of your home, the severity of the problem and your location. The principle behind the Rentokil Defense is to weaken and address existing infestation and reduce the chance that they will reinfest in the future. 

If there’s no sign of termites, we will give you suggestions on how to prevent them so you have complete peace of mind.

Vegetation Management Services

Vegetation Management Services

VMS eliminates unwanted vegetation around your facility. Not only is unwanted vegetation unattractive, it can also pose serious health, fire and safety hazards. 

Removing unwanted vegetation eliminates harborage areas for mice, rats and other pests it also improves safety for employees and Customers by removing hazards contributing to safer work environments. Reduce labor and equipment needs required to hand trim fence line and building perimeters Improves accessibility by opening access to transformers, fuel storage areas, fire hydrants, emergency exits, etc. 

We also remove dangerous and invasive plants such as poison ivy, multi-flora rose, sumac and other irritant and allergy causing vegetation.

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