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Utility companies must maintain extensive production, storage and delivery assets – all of which can be vulnerable to pest problems. Ehrlich Pest Control is highly experienced working with utility companies to create comprehensive pest control solutions. These are designed to keep your operations running, your costs down and your customers satisfied.

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With Ehrlich, utility companies can specify the level of service required at different locations. Certain sites may want total pest exclusion, while in other areas monitoring and dealing with pest problems as they arise will be sufficient.

Additionally, our Vegetation Management Services Team can keep utility sites and facilities free from unwanted vegetation.This helps to ensure a safe, attractive site,reduces fire risk and increases visibility.

With our national network of offices across the country, Ehrlich can provide Technicians on the ground wherever and whenever you need them. Many Ehrlich service coworkers have developed close working relationships with utility clients. They put their knowledge of the habits, preferences and lifestyles of pests to work for you – keeping pest problems out of your supply network and your business.

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