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Integrated Pest Management for Hotels

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Ehrlich's integrated pest management is an integral part of our service solution for hotels. 

It will ensure we offer a consistent pest control solution fully customized to your hotel's needs and based on specific pest challenges faced by the different areas of your hotel.

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Integrated Pest Management Benefits  

  • Integrated Pest Management Service Program – this solution enables a consistent proactive pest management approach customized to your hotel and based on specific pest threats.
  • FREE emergency calls / Rapid response – we are available 24 hours a day.
  • Bed bug inspections – we recognize the huge risks faced by hotels and include these inspections as part of our regular service program.
  • Pest Prevention – frequent inspections will be part of a regular service program. Ongoing monitoring allows for early pest detection and the opportunity to put in place effective preventative treatments.
  • Pest Elimination – our use of traditional bait stations as well as innovative, non-toxic pest control products offers highly effective pest control.
  • Targeted pest control solution – we recognize the importance to customize each service program to suit the unique environment of each hotel, and the different areas within a hotel.
  • Pest Awareness Training – we can train your staff about common pests, which allow your business to handle pest concerns quickly and effectively.
  • Multiple locations support – we can offer support to your business at multiple locations, all handled by one account manager in one service level agreement.
  • Brand reputation protection – our comprehensive service program, will enable you to protect your hotel’s reputation.
  • Expertise – Ehrlich’s technicians are trained to a level above industry standards, which means your business will receive the best possible advice.

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