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Proactive Pest Management for Food Manufacturing

Every year pests cause enormous economic loss in the Food Processing industry. They contaminate raw materials and products in various ways including feces, webs or skin-shedding, causing costly product damage and disruption to the production process.

Pest infestation leads to loss of trust from Customers and Consumers, undermining your hard-earned reputation. It could also have serious impact on your business resulting in lost revenue, loss of Customers, claims for compensation and even prosecution, if non-compliance with applicable laws is proven.

Free Pest Control Inspection of Your Facility 

Image of Food Processing | Ehrlich Pest Control To learn more about pest control services for the food processing industry call Ehrlich at or set up FREE pest inspection of your facility online. 

After you arrange your free pest inspection, your local Ehrlich branch will contact you to set up a convenient time for one of our state-certified and licensed pest control experts to visit your property. We will thoroughly inspect your facility for any ongoing or potential pest problems.

Why Food Processors Need Pest Control

Steadily increasing legal requirements, food specific hygiene certification and auditing standards continue to increase the requirements for expert pest control. 

With pest management systems often accounting for a significant proportion of an external audit score, any pest infestation is likely to have adverse impact on your overall rating.

Numerous incidents of food scares and animal diseases that make the news headlines have resulted in increased public awareness of food quality and safety. This puts even more pressure on manufacturers to achieve the most stringent standards.

Stored Product Pests 

If your business is involved in the manufacturing, management, storing, processing and retailing of dry food products, then your business is at risk of developing stored product insect infestations. Stored food insects will infest foods like flour, rice, dried fruit, nuts, barley and more. 

These insects can contaminate your finished product, resulting in significant financial losses. Ehrlich offers a state-of-the-art stored product pest monitoring and control service that can be adapted to meet your individual needs. 

The video below produced by our parent company, Rentokil, highlights the importance of controlling stored product pests in the food processing industry. 


PestNetOnline - Online Pest Control Reporting Tool

Your Online Pest Control Reporting Tool All the information from each service visit is captured on PestNetOnline, our online reporting tool. This highlights any signs of pest activity displayed on a site map of the plant along with actions taken and recommendations to reduce the risk. 

The tool generates a transparent audit trail in case of any incident and is compatible with the main food manufacturing audit schemes.

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To find out more about our pest management programmes for food manufacturers or arrange a visit from a specialist account manager who understands the food industry, please call us at or contact us online.

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