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Common Food Processing Pests

Pests That Threaten The Food Processing Industry

Don't let pests wreak havoc in your food processing facility. Ehrlich technicians have been trained to protect food industry customers from the most common pests that are found in food. 

Our industry leading training program has been developed by our Director of Technical Services and Director of Technical Training – both have PhD’s in Entomology and started their careers at Ehrlich as Technicians. 

The average tenure of an Ehrlich technician is 8 or more years, ensuring the fact that you will have technically competent professionals protecting your most valuable assets – your facility, people and brand.

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About Food Processing Pests 

From roof rats to cheese mites, a wide range of pests cause serious problems for businesses involved in the storage, processing, manufacturing or sale of food.

Stored Product Pests

Image of Grain Weevil [Sitophilus granarius] | Ehrlich Pest Control Stored product pests cause enormous economic damage to the Food Processing Industry through contamination and feeding damage stored food products. 

There are numerous beetles, moths and other insect species of particular concern with stored whole, processed and refined grain products. It is therefore imperative to protect valuable raw food materials in stock rooms and warehouses effectively.

Ehrlich offers an integrated storage protection system and optimal monitoring and control solutions. Glue traps with species-specific pheromone lures and pheromone traps allow efficient monitoring and drives the treatment decision making process when pests are discovered. 

Pheromone monitoring acts as an early-warning system and, when combined with proper control measures, can prevent a full-blown infestation and the subsequent financial losses.

Conventional pesticides are not an effective treatment in all cases and the eradication of insects by heat treatment and bulk cargo or container fumigations can prove reliable solutions for difficult to treat areas. Ehrlich’s extensive experience, coupled with effective treatments delivered by highly qualified fumigation experts, ensures the best possible outcome.

Flying Insects

Image of House Fly [Musca Domestica] | Ehrlich Pest Control The risk of food contamination by flying insects is immense. As potential carriers of the bacteria that cause diseases like dysentery, gastroenteritis and salmonellosis, flies pose a real health risk as they move from decaying matter to food and food preparation surfaces.

Effective control is critical. Flies can spread disease, become a nuisance to Customers and employees and affect your reputation and bottom line.

Breeding sites abound in your building. Reducing breeding sites in your building is the first step to safe, effective, long-term control. We can help you eliminate your fly problems by combating pest sources – under the bar, under the kitchen appliances and other difficult areas to clean. 


Image of Black Rat / Roof Rat [Rattus rattus] | Ehrlich Pest Control As carriers of various bacterial and viral pathogens, rats and mice pose a serious hazard for the food processing industry.Ehrlich offers a wide range of professional rodent solutions that include monitoring systems, rodenticides and non-toxic control methods. 

All are designed to suit the particular characteristics of the protected area, regardless of whether it is outdoors, a storage area, moist or wet area or highly sensitive production environment.

We select the most appropriate combination of management approaches for each individual customer to suit their unique circumstances. This proven approach prevents rodent migrations into sensitive food processing and storage areas.

Our monitoring solutions ensure early detection of any pest activity inside the building.
Consequently, specific control measures are only needed in the event of acute infestations.

High tech products such as Ehrlich’s RADAR mouse control solution combine both detection and control, incorporating electronic monitoring and simultaneous euthanization with CO2.

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Ehrlich has been serving the needs of commercial pest control customers for over 80 years and has food processing industry expertise to keep your business safe from infestations. 

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