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Wire Deterrent Systems

Effective Bird Deterrent

Ehrlich Bird Control offers wire deterrent systems as a service option to protect your property from pest birds.

Image of Wire Deterrent Systems from Ehrlich Pest Control

Bird wire is one of the most discreet ledge products available for treating and controlling pest birds. 

This wire system effectively protects exposed ledges from pigeon activity. 

It is not designed to work on recessed ledge areas, nesting areas or roosting areas. It can also be used to deter soaring birds from large open areas when installed in a grid pattern.

The wire system blends so well with architecture, that it is the only approved product for the federal government’s historical buildings and other installations where visibility is important, like upscale museums or hotels.

Installation of Wire Deterrent for Birds

The installation of this service is performed by Ehrlich’s bird control experts, and consists of two key elements:

  • Stainless steel posts attached to a ledge or mounting surface
  • Thin stainless steel wire spring tensioned between the posts

Our bird control technicians will mount the wires above the ledge in alternating heights: 3.5” and 5”. 

A variety of installation options area available for different substrate materials. 

A space of a minimum of 2.5 inches is left between the posts from front to back, and a 5 foot space is left between posts along the length of the ledge.

Our Ehrlich Bird Control specialists can handle even the most sensitive bird control problem. Arrange for a bird control specialist to inspect your property and make recommendations on the best solution for your business.

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