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Tactile Repellents

Effective Bird Control with Tactile Repellents

Ehrlich Bird Control can also utilize repellent gels that are sticky, tacky, and transparent. These gels can be applied to ledges, roofs, cornices, roosting and perching areas of most birds. 

Image of Ehrlich Bird Control Specialist Installing Tactile Repellents

This material gets on the birds feet and is unpleasant for them to roost. 

They quickly learn to avoid the areas where the material has been applied thus moving them to other areas of less concern.

Tactile Repellent Program

This program is designed to alter or change the perching sites of the pest birds and move them to less critical areas by:

  • Identify all primary nesting areas currently being used by the birds as nesting sites
  • All nesting materials and droppings will be scraped off the current nesting areas; surfaces will be sprayed with a sanitizing agent, fungicide and deodorizer.
  • Primary areas will be treated with a bead of a specially formulated repellent gel to discourage the birds from moving back into these preferred areas. This material will be coated with a chemical which will make it resistant to the absorption of dust particles and to prevent it from dripping in warmer weather.

Arrange for an Ehrlich Bird Control Specialist to inspect your property and make recommendations on the best bird control solution for your business.

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