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Hazing, Misting & Fogging

Hazing, Misting & Fogging Systems for Bird Control

The installation or application of various taste and olfactory dispersal systems can be employed to repel pest birds from a variety of situations.

Bird Control Systems

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Birds coming in contact with the transparent haze will find it irritating and uncomfortable without risk to their health, and relocate to other less critical areas away from the treated areas. 

Typically, some population reduction can be noticed in the first week, and final results may take up to six weeks after repeated exposure to the transparent haze.

Using Hazing, Misting & Fogging

Safe for use in shopping malls, cafes and restaurants, stadiums, marinas, storefronts, patios, poolside, and food processing warehouses. These systems will not interfere with your business operations.

Ehrlich Bird Control Technicians will develop a plan to meet your needs. Arrange for a bird control specialist to inspect your property and make recommendations.

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