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Electrical Deterrent Systems

Effective Bird Control Using Electrical Deterrent Systems

Ehrlich’s Electrical Deterrent Systems utilize a dual wire energized design that emits a mild electrical jolt when a bird lands. This electrical jolt is very low profile and does not harm the bird.

Image of Electrical Deterrent Systems from Ehrlich Pest Control offering Expert Bird Control

Our Bird Control Technicians install a double dual wire track on the top of the canopy overhang and secured through the use of construction adhesive. 

In addition, the ledge under the overhang, will be addressed with a single double row system.

Ehrlich Bird Control Treatment

Prior to the installation, Ehrlich Technicians will clean all accessible nesting materials and droppings from the areas. Upon completion of the cleanup service, the area will be sprayed with a disinfectant, sanitizing agent, fungicide and deodorizer.

The Electrical Deterrent System’s goal is to condition birds to recognize the coverage area is unfavorable to roost, thus moving them to other areas of less concern.

Arrange for a specialist to inspect your property and make recommendations on the best bird control solution for your business.

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