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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment Using Entotherm Technology

Ehrlich employs an innovative bed bug heat treatment method using Entotherm technology for effective bed bug control.

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Heat treatment for bed bugs can be less intrusive than traditional pesticide treatments. Using Entotherm, Ehrlich can eliminate all stages of bed bugs and return a property to use within 12 hours.

Ehrlich Technicians receive specialist field training and are certified to use specialized Entotherm equipment to ensure safe and effective treatment.

Heat Treatment Process 

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Heat treatment using Entotherm allows for a one-service treatment strategy using forced hot air technology to obtain quick, reliable results and effectively deal with bed bug infestations.

  • Ambient room temperature is increased.
  • Air is re-circulated using high temperature fans and moisture is removed.
  • Lethal temperatures are achieved in all areas of the treatment zone.
  • Increased temperatures are sustained for optimal results to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs from your property.
  • Temperature probes are placed in strategic locations to check that lethal temperatures are achieved.

After the treatment, your Ehrlich Technician will provide a printout of the temperatures sustained and monitored during treatment to validate the effectiveness of our heat treatment.

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Download Ehrlich's Electric Entotherm Bed Bug Treatment brochure for more information.

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