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Stink Bug Control

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Do you want to protect your business or managed property from a stink bug invasion? Although stink bugs are a pest, they do not bite or damage your property, but they do invade when the weather gets cooler, which is when they become a problem for businesses.

Expert stink bug control can help to prevent stink bugs entering your property and disrupting your business.

Ehrlich’s stink bug control program offers hotels, restaurants, multifamily property managers, and other commercial premises peace of mind when it comes to controlling stink bugs.

We create a treatment zone around your property to keep stink bugs outside, and to allow your business to run free from these odorous pests. You should call a professional stink bug control company for help if you are having problems with these bugs.

Get in touch with your local Ehrlich office or call us on to find out how we can help you prevent or treat a stink bug infestation.

Stink Bugs: How To Protect Your Business

As a business owner or property manager, you can do a number of things to prevent stink bugs. We recommend you make the following checks and repairs to your property in late Spring / Summer prior to the Fall and the start of over wintering behavior.

Stink bugs can work their way into your business or managed property through various entry points (cracks and crevices) including:

  • under siding
  • around door and window frames
  • utility pipes
  • chimneys
  • attic vents
  • under fascia

You can prevent stink bug invasions by inspecting and repairing the following common points of entry:

  • seal holes in exterior walls larger than the diameter of a pencil
  • seal gaps and cracks around door and window frames
  • install door sweeps
  • ensure doors and windows are tight-fitting
  • screen exterior attic openings / vents
  • seal entry points with caulk or good quality silicone sealant (including around chimneys)
  • create a barrier around your home to try to keep stink bugs outside
  • reduce the number of stink bugs on your property

If you do find stink bugs in your business or on your managed property, you can:

  • Remove both live and dead stink bugs with a vacuum cleaner - the vacuum may smell like stink bugs for a period of time.
  • Sweep the stink bugs up using a broom and dust pan and discard them in an outdoor trash receptacle.

Get Rid of Stink Bugs in Your Business Professionally

At Ehrlich, we’ve been helping and advising businesses on how to eliminate and prevent stink bugs on their commercial properties since they were first identified in Allentown, PA in 2001.

Although there are many stink bug traps and pest control products on the market, these only capture the bugs and don’t help to prevent them from entering your business.

How Stink Bugs Can Threaten Your Business

A stink bug invasion on your property could disrupt your daily business routine.

  • Alarm – the loss of customers or tenants due to the sighting of stink bugs in your store or managed property
  • Damaged Reputation – co-workers, customers or tenants may lose trust in the business or managed property if they cannot see management taking pest control seriously
  • Financial Loss – customers or tenants may decide to do business elsewhere due to concerns around the lack of proper pest control solutions

Steps to Take For Stink Bug Control

Effective commercial stink bug control begins with prevention. Follow these steps to minimize your chances of a stink bug infestation:

  • Arrange for the application of insecticides outside your property by a trained, licensed exterminator.
  • Locate stink bug entry points on your property, and seal those openings with caulk or other suitable material.
  • Arrange for the removal of window air conditioners, if possible.
  • Contact Ehrlich at for more information on our expert stink bug control solutions and advice on stink bug control.

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