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Tamper Resistant Rodent Bait Boxes

Effective Rodent Control

If you've got a problem with rats or mice and want to get rid of these rodents without causing harm to anything else, Ehrlich recommends utilizing tamper resistant bait boxes.

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These tamper resistant bait boxes are designed to encourage rats and mice to enter and feed on the bait, but not allow inquisitive pets or children access. The bait boxes are available in plastic and are suitable for external locations.

Bait Box for Rodent Control

Manufactured in tough polypropylene with a secure single lock, the plastic bait box can be secured to a wall or the ground. It has been tested to withstand most attempts at unauthorized entry. 

The plastic tamper resistant bait boxes are recommended for external areas that are not generally accessible to the public and are suitable for all weather conditions.

Benefits of Tamper Resistant Bait Boxes: 

  • Protects your business against litigation, lost profits and damaged reputation.
  • Ensures your rodent control complies with Health & Safety regulations.
  • Keeps staff, customers and members of the public safe from inadvertent harm.

If you would like further advice or to arrange for an Ehrlich Technician to visit and install a tamper resistant bait box call us free at 1-800- 837 5520.

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