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Are flies causing problems for your business? Fly control is essential for businesses like bars and restaurants and food processing, where there are food preparation and storage areas. In these environments, fly control is very important to maintain food safety and hygiene standards as flies are known to carry diseases and contaminate food.

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For more information on how flies can affect your business, please read below:

Danger Signs

If you are worried about the presence of flies in your business, you should look for the signs below, which may indicate a serious fly problem:

  • Live insects and dead insects.
  • Fly spots or droppings.
  • Maggots — flies in their larval stage.

Potential Harm

A serious fly problem can have a very bad affect on your business, as flies:

  • Spread diseases.
  • Contaminate foodstuffs.
  • Bite people.

Business Consequences

The presence of flies can put your business at serious risk, causing:

  • Poor impression to your customers and employees – they may associate flies with dirt and lack of hygiene standards.
  • Damage to your health and hygiene reputation.
  • Loss of earnings as non-compliance with legislation may lead to reduced income from fewer customers.

Steps to Take for Fly Control

  • Arrange for the removal of breeding environment - essential for long–term fly control.
  • Identify correct fly species - the fly control solution used may depend on the species causing the problems.
  • Employ small fly control solutions.
  • Deploy Light Traps on your property.
  • Arrange regular inspection visits from qualified fly control technicians to prevent recurrence of fly infestations.

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