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Bat Removal

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Any business could potentially be at risk from bats, however it is usually older commercial buildings, in need of some repair, which are at greater risk.

If your business is located near wooded areas or around ponds or water it may also be at risk as it is the insects found in these locations that provide a valuable food source for bats.

Bat Removal for Your Business

Ehrlich offers expert bat removal services for all businesses, carried out by licensed professionals.

As a business owner, there are a number of signs you can look for, which may indicate a problem with bats:

Danger Signs

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  • Bat droppings (guano) – look for signs of droppings in the attic, around chimneys or on the external side of your property, typically under the eaves
  • Bad odor – you may be able to smell a strong, foul odor, which is emitted from their urine
  • Stains –look for visible grease marks around the area you suspect they are inhabiting
  • Bites – have you or your colleagues been bitten recently? The accumulation of guano and the presence of bats can support other parasites like the bat bug, which can bite if they come into human contact.

Potential Harm from Bats

Bats rarely cause physical damage to buildings as they do not make nests or chew materials.

However there are other risks associated with the presence of bats:

  • Disease: bat droppings harbor a fungus known to cause Histoplasmosis and Cryptocacaous. Any contact with the droppings or inhalation of the air around it could be dangerous to humans. Bats are also associated with rabies, although these cases are rare.
  • Secondary parasites: bat bugs are one of the parasites known to inhabit a bat roost. They are able to leave the roost and inhabit other parts of a building, where they may bite people. Although it is thought that their bites do not transmit disease.

Steps to Take for Bat Removal

We advise business owners to contact a licensed professional for bat removal.

Ehrlich’s technicians are trained to remove bats using humane, safe methods.

Our bat removal service is designed to relocate bats and not harm them. Our service mainly involves funnelling to get bats out of a property and exclusion to keep them out more permanently:

  • Funnelling - Funnelling includes the installation of a net, which will act as a one-way door, allowing bats to exit but not to find their way back into a building.
  • Bat exclusion: caulk and copper gauze are just some of the approved building materials used to seal entry points, providing permanent exclusion.
  • Bat trapping – this is only offered if bats are visible and can be caught without harming them and be released again into the wild.

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