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Bee & Wasp Control

Wasp & Bee Removal for Your Business

Are you worried about wasps & bees? 

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It can be very annoying to have wasps and bees constantly buzzing around your business premises. The very presence of wasps & bees may prevent customers entering your store or eating in your restaurant as many people are scared of getting stung. If there is a high number of wasps and bees on your property it may mean that there is a nest nearby.

The most effective bee and wasp control method is to remove the nest from your property. Ehrlich Pest Control offers a wasp nest removal service to quickly and effectively get rid of the problem.

If wasps and bees are not quickly treated, it could have a serious affect on your business:

Danger Signs

The signs listed below can indicate if you have a wasp or bee problem that may require professional help:

  • Live or dead insects.
  • Nests — under the eaves, in lofts, in bushes or trees, etc.
  • Noise — constant buzzing or humming.

Potential Harm

If you ignore the problem of wasps and bees on your property then the untreated infestations can cause:

  • Contamination of foodstuffs.
  • Threat of stings — some people could have very bad allergic reactions to a wasp or bee sting, which could be fatal.

Business Consequences

Any type of pest problem, including bee and wasp problems, could have serious consequences for your business:

  • Alarm — some customers become uncomfortable and may decide to leave your premises or not enter your business at all.
  • Financial loss — if you loose customers, this can damage your business reputation and income.
  • Low morale amongst co-workers — fear amongst your co-workers can lead to absence and difficulties in hiring new colleagues.

Steps To Take for Bee & Wasp Control

  • Arrange for regular inspections of your property by a qualified bee & wasp control Technician.
  • Use insect proofing - insect proof your premises with insect screens and doors.
  • Deploy light traps - to attract and catch flying insects.
  • Follow good housekeeping recommendations given by your Technician to prevent bee & wasp problems.

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