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Signs of Bed Bugs

During the last 50 years people believed that bed bugs had all but disappeared and, as a result, most don’t know what they look like or what the signs of a bed bug infestation are. The fact that you can not see them does not mean that your premises are not infected as bed bugs are very hard to find especially when the infestation may be at its initial stage.

The best defense for your property is to spot the signs of bed bugs as early as possible. This will help avoid the more severe implications for a business, including negative word of mouth, lost income and the costs of dealing with an infestation of bed bugs.

How to Spot Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

It is difficult to spot first signs of an infestation of bed bugs without proper training. However, there are some obvious symptoms which, when found, clearly show that there is an infestation:

  • Live bed bugs, adults and nymphs
  • Small blood spots on bed sheets
  • Faecal pellets
  • Cast nymphal skins
  • Distinctive sweet & sickly smell

If you have spotted any of these bed bug signs then you need to take action straight away. Call us free on .

You should be aware that there are other pests that may look similar to bed bugs or cause similar problems, such as:

Our highly trained Technicians and Entomologists can help identify the exact type of pest that has invaded your premises.

Bed Bugs Service from Ehrlich

Bed bugs are very difficult to find and treat and for this reason we recommend that you do not try to get rid of an infestation without professional help.

We have many years of experience of dealing with bed bugs and have developed reactive treatments that effectively brings the problem under control and quickly gets your business back on its feet.

The principles of our treatment result from a good understanding of bed bug biology. Our service for Bed Bugs includes:

  • 3 visit treatments of the infected room
  • 3 inspections of surrounding rooms to check for the spread of an infestation of bed bugs
  • Treatment of surrounding rooms if required
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Bed Bug Control - Cube Concept

Our bed bug control approach is based on the cube concept. This builds on the fact that bed bugs can move into rooms adjacent to the one where the initial infestation took place, and as a result we inspect the rooms on either side and above/below the source room. If bed bugs are found in any of these rooms we will then expand the cube until no further signs of bed bug problems are found.

Removing the bed bugs from your property should be just the first step in the ongoing protection of your business from these nasty pests. Read more information about bed bugs, or download our Bed Bug Control Brochure.

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