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Ant Control

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Are you worried about ants causing problems in your business? Ants can contaminate food and threaten hygiene standards, especially important in bars and restaurants. The presence of ants may even scare some customers away, leaving your business with a financial loss.

Ant Control for Your Business

A customized ant control program can be designed to suit your needs and prevent any disruption to your daily business routine.
Ehrlich provides ant control to all types of businesses and can offer further advice on effective solutions for your ant problem.

Do You Need Ant Control?

If you have noticed ants on your property but are unsure if it is a serious problem, then the below information may help to indicate if you do require professional ant control.

Danger Signs

  • Live ants.
  • Ant pathways in and out of your property.
  • Small heaps of earth or dirt indicating nest sites.

Potential Harm

An ant infestation on the property can:

  • Infest and contaminate foodstuffs.
  • Contaminate sterile areas.
  • Invade hospitals.

Why You Need Ant Control

The risks to your business can be very great if you leave an ant problem untreated. A serious ant infestation can cause the following problems to your business:

  • Financial loss — contaminated food and other products will have to be thrown away.
  • Fear — hospital patients or restaurant customers can be alarmed by the appearance of ants.
  • Damaged reputation — if your health and hygiene standards are put at risk, it could threaten your business.

Steps To Take for Ant Control

  • Identify the correct ant species with professional help.
  • Proof access points into your property against Black Garden Ants.
  • Set up regular ant control inspection visits by qualified technicians.

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