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Cockroaches are well known for spreading disease and are associated with various other health risks. Exposure to this insect could put you at risk of Salmonella, Dysentery & Gastro-enteritis. Increases in eczema and childhood asthma have even been linked to cockroach droppings.

A quick response at the very first signs of an infestation is often essential to control cockroaches in your home and to prevent the spread of this pest to your neighbors.

Their ability to breed rapidly and their resilience means that a professional service is usually the most reliable form of control. Only expert products and solutions are powerful enough to eliminate all stages of their lifecycle.

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Ehrlich’s Cockroach Control Service

As the experts in cockroach control, we can provide professional, targeted treatment methods for your home or business.

Our certified technicians located across the U.S. provide a quick and reliable service to guarantee complete control of the problem and offer expert tips on prevention.

With access to the latest technologies and the most innovative processes, you can rely on efficient service from Ehrlich.

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