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The Birds

iStock_000003872334SmallFrom what I can tell, it almost seemed like Alfred Hitchcok’s famous thriller, “The Birds.”  When the popular band Kings of Leon went on stage earlier this week to perform  to a packed house in St. Louis, they were stopped by pigeons.  Yes, believe it or not, pigeons.

The Kings made a valiant effort, but pigeons defecating on them from the rafters above was just too unsanitary, and the concert was halted.  Like so many pests we deal with, pigeons become a pest when they endanger human health and safety.  This was certainly the case here.

Here at Ehrlich, we have a whole team of Bird Control Specialists.  Every day, they help homeowners and businesses prevent and solve pest bird problems.  Pigeons are generally attracted to ornate buildings that have protected areas for nesting and roosting.  Unfortunately, their droppings can transmit a host of diseases, deface buildings and create slippery conditions.

It’s important to know that pigeons (and many other pest birds) can be controlled without harming them.   Innovative services such as netting can easily be installed to prevent birds access to certain areas.  The netting is available in different colors so it is virutally invisible to passersby.  Ehrlich also installs flexible metal spikes along ledges.  Again, these spikes do simply prevent the birds from landing in that area.

As a fan, I certainly hope the Kings are never stopped by pigeons again!

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    I read about this on the BBC Entertainment news pages. I could not believe it! See how pests can ruin things?! There must have been thousands of people in the audience. I read that one of the band members was pooped on several times, but the last time was the final straw, when the poop landed near the persons mouth! How sick is that?! we had a bird poo incident very recently. Walking from the front door of our house to our parked car – all of 5 meters away – my husband was hit by bird poo right on his work shirt. He had to turn around and head straight back into the house to change his shirt – luckily still made it into work on time!

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