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Baby, It's Hot, Hot, Hot Outside

Here in the Northeast, the heat over the past few days has bordered on unbearable.  There are heat warnings and heat advisories on the radio.  The malls and pools are packed with folks looking for refuge.  As I drove home yesterday, my car thermometer hit 102 degrees F.  That’s hot! It got me to wondering [...]

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Pest Proof Your Picnic

Ok – You’ve got a picnic planned for the holiday weekend.  You know, the checkered tablecloth, the dogs and burgers cooking on the bbq and Aunt Mary’s homemade potato salad.   To prevent unwanted guests (other than the gazillion calories in Aunt Mary’s potato salad) like ants, wasps, flies and mosquitoes from showing up, here’s [...]

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Wasps & Yellow Handbags – Do Not Mix!

Until my unfortunate wasp sting last weekend I don’t recall being stung by a wasp for many, many years. My earliest memory of wasp stings is from my childhood (like Danusia’s wasp story) and my Hungarian grandmother insisting on dabbing strong vinegar on to the sting, which I feared almost more than the sting itself! It [...]

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The Ant Has More Than Just High Hopes

As I was sweeping my patio at home this past weekend, I noticed a number of pavement ant mounds between the bricks, which reminded me it was time to call my friendly pest control technician who protects my home from a (potential) annual ant invasion. But it also got me thinking though about how selfless pests are [...]

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