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A Nest of 1 Million Yellow Jackets

Giant Wasp Nest

Massive hive of containing upwards of one million yellow jackets found in Florida! What to do if you find a nest and what you need to know!

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Wasps v Bees and Ants

Every summer US homeowners and businesses fight a battle against yellow-jackets and ants nesting on their property. Although humans are well equipped to win the battle of the wasps and ants, the war is fought on many fronts and the insect community must provide its own defences. A honey-bee colony can be decimated by an [...]

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Pest Eggs and an Easter Surprise

To celebrate Easter I thought an exploration of ant, fly and wasp eggs would make an interesting blog. Most pests are prolific breeders, making it a constant battle to keep the population in check. Of all pests flies are one of the greatest egg-layers. A female can lay 400-600 eggs in decaying matter or faeces, [...]

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How Pests Communicate

We all know that humans are not the only animals that communicate with each other. Barking, chirping, howling – almost any noise an animal intentionally makes can be considered communication. But sometimes you need to know how pests communicate to understand how to effectively treat infestations, like breaking the code of an enemy army. So [...]

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Don't Mess With Stinging Insects

I’ve been in the pest control industry for almost 19 years, and I can say with confidence that there are some pests the average homeowner can deal with on their own – certain ants, flies, ladybugs, etc. Depending on your tolerance level, these are just nuisance pests and don’t pose a major threat to anything [...]

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