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Termites Like Rock Music

Termites love rock music

Time to get to the bottom of another odd pest ‘fact’. This Do Termites Like Rock Music blog piqued my interest: how on earth does that sort of pop-fact get generated without there being some grain of truth to it? As a starting point- it’s very specific, isn’t it? Not just any music- Rock Music. Bach [...]

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Do Termites Like Rock Music?

The more you read about termites, and I suppose any other pest, the more interesting and strange facts, you tend to come across. Not sure you can really believe all of them, but even so they do provide some mild entertainment, whilst doing research. Here are a few crazy ones I have come across recently, [...]

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3 Things a Termite Likes About Your Property

Okay, the mice are happy it is getting warmer, and they’ve packed their bags and moved out of Dodge. Joe Hopkins, Customer Voice Count Associate – Rentokil Ehrlich says you might want to think about keeping other pests from entering your residence or business property, specifically, that sneaky, wood-munching pest called the termite.

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Subterranean, Dampwood, Drywood, Formosan…..

… Termites. These pests have the ability to damage to your home, maximize your stress level and in the end – cost you significant expenses.  I remember watching cartoons as a kid and seeing a termite swarm attack a tree, turning it into a mere toothpick in seconds! Funny to see – if only termites [...]

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Searching for Termites & Termite Control

Termites are a big deal in America (though strangely not in Canada – they appear reluctant to cross the border). There are thousands of searches online every day relating to these destructive pests, with people wanting to find termite pictures such as the amazing mound pictured here which shows tourists walking between giant termite mounds [...]

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