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Pictures of Termites

Image of termites eating

View a complete gallery of termite pictures to gain an understanding of what termite workers and swarmers look like up close.

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Termite Facts To Chomp On Infographic

Termite Infographic

Curious about termites? This infographic, “Termite Facts To Chomp On” shares some amazing facts about the damage termites inflict on properties in the U.S.

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USPestWatch – Help Build a Map of US Termite Activity

US Pest Watch Image | US Termite Map

Read about USPestWatch – the new interactive map plotting termite activity throughout the United States. If you’ve encountered a termite in the last 5 years, plot it on USPestWatch and help build the map.

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I keep the bugs I find because I’m hungry.


When was the last time you were offered a chocolate covered grasshopper? They are real you know. I remember when I was a kid in elementary school and a student brought them in. I never asked where they came from and never accepted the offer – but he absolutely loved eating those things. Eating insects is actually [...]

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Ants at My Door – Ticks in My Kitchen

I don’t really have ants at my door or ticks in my kitchen but this is a likely scenario many home and business owners will soon be contending with, if they aren’t already. While not many people are complaining about a mild winter – I mean come on, who truly missed snow removal?- the flip [...]

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