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Pest Control Weapons

There’s a pest control assistant in every household. It may be lurking beneath the stairs or locked away in a dark cupboard…. yes you’ve guessed it (and the picture was a bit of a giveaway too)… it’s the vacuum cleaner. This household star appliance not only keeps your home clean from the dust, dirt and [...]

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Cartoon Rodents

We love cartoon rodents. Mickey Mouse has captivated our imagination since he appeared in the animation Plane Crazy in the roaring twenties. Such is our desire for all-things Mickey that fans can buy his beaming face on everything from flashing plastic ears and baby rompers to dog t-shirts and golf balls. The philosophy of the [...]

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We Found The Nervy Rodent – There Was Only One!

As you may recall know, I have been battling an extremely smart mouse in my house with the help of my excellent Technician Scott.  This rodent must know I work for Ehrlich because he/she has been extraordinarily difficult to remove.  Here’s the story of how we finally caught it. I made hot cereal on the [...]

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What Working In Pest Control Has Done To My Kids

I wanted to share a bit of a humorous pest control story with our blog readers.  I have two children, a boy aged 11 and a daughter, who is 14.  Certainly, in our business there’s always an interesting dinner time story… the bed bug fumigation, the rodent in someone’s toilet, etc. A few weeks ago, [...]

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Are The Rats Winning The Rat Race Out There?

It’s frightening really – even for those of us in the pest control business who deal with rats every day. According to a report published recently (not by us sadly!) and highlighted yesterday by Reuters, the US is literally on the brink of a national rat invasion of epidemic proportions.   As is usually the case, [...]

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