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There Is A Rat In My Loft!

So, here is my update folks! My exterminator is pretty certain we are dealing with a rat problem in our loft. I pointed out the roof area in our master bedroom, where we can hear the noise. He then happened to look outside our window and saw that in the back garden of our next [...]

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Spiders Rats and Bats Have Their Day

Halloween is just a couple of days away and nowhere is it more evident than the bats, spiders, rats and black cats visible on almost every porch, inside every window and on almost every lawn in neighborhoods everywhere.   Something spooky this way comes. I get a good belly laugh seeing the lengths people go [...]

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Why Rodents Vacation In Our Comfy Abodes

It’s mid-October and among the many things October is known and celebrated for, rodent control isn’t usually one of them. Oddly enough October is also National Rodent Prevention Month, a departure from all things typically October like; raking and or blowing metric tons of fallen leaves, Halloween and your neighbors um, colorful if not over [...]

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Rat Island Purchased by Bronx Man

Rat Island, a 2 ½ acre rock off the shores of City Island in New York City sold for $160,000 recently to Alex Schibli of City Island, New York, without, of all things, any rats. Mr. Schibli, who outbid a nonprofit, a family that wanted to purchase the island and rename it after a relative, [...]

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War Tactics: Catapulting Wasps Nests And Flea Bombs

Every day we wage a battle against the pests which invade our human places but throughout history man has used the disease and chaos spread by biting insects such as fleas, flies and yellow jackets to his advantage. Across the globe and back as far as the mind can stretch, insects have been used as instruments [...]

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