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5 Strange Rat Facts

5 Strange Rat Facts

From temples of rats to barbecue rats, the deBugged blog shares 5 strange rat facts that will make your spine tingle.

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The Brown Rat: Quite The Intelligent Threat

The common brown rat (Rattus norvegicus- also referred to as the Norway rat or sewer rat) is a highly destructive mammalian pest found in and around rural and urban settings.

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Cleaning Up After A Flood

As the coastal surge retreats and storm Sandy sweeps away from New York City, Pennsylvania and upstate New York, the destruction is far from over. Flood clearance will be encumbered by wind warnings and a wintry cold front which is likely to produce heavy rain, snowfall and local flooding. Some areas may also be without power until [...]

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Rats, Fleas and The Plague

The media widely reported that a man in Oregon had contracted the plague after being bitten by a mouse. The Plague is a bacterial disease carried by rodents. It is spread from one rodent to another by fleas. Humans bitten by an infected flea usually develop a bubonic form of plague which is characterized by a swelling of [...]

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Top 3 Hotel Pest Control Tips

Pest control for hotels and hospitality is just one of the many areas of daily operations a hotelier or hotel general manager must account for. Never before has pest control been one of the most concerning and simultaneously challenging issues hotels face. The digital age has brought innovations such as phones with high resolution cameras, [...]

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