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Beer Drinking Rats Support Science

Rats are commonly known as the subject of numerous scientific experiments that promote the advancement of medical science. After all, before human studies for new drugs can begin and later be approved, rodents enable us to study the effects, the shortcomings and or the dangers of new drugs. Luckily for homo sapiens, having fun Friday [...]

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Pests in Paradise

A few years ago I visited the Carribean on a business trip and stayed in an all-inclusive resort. Though not enjoyable, the food was edible. Or as I discovered later, inedible. Over 80% of conference delegates were ill. Diacalm became a precious commodity, traded in meetings for chocolate, branded gin and other luxuries smuggled through [...]

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5 Poems Rentokil Would Have Ruined

To A Mouse by Robert Burns “To A Mouse” is Burns’s apology to a field mouse whose nest he had disturbed. He in turn reflected on the nature of life, and how despite our best intentions and efforts, things out of our control can ruin our plans (“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men/ [...]

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