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3 Non-Native Birds That Are Not Federally Protected

Non-Native Pest Birds Not Federally Protected

The deBugged blog examines three non-native birds that are not federally protected in the United States and are considered pests.

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Bird Control: Soaring To New Heights

Bird Control | Ehrlich Pest Control

Ehrlich Pest Control uses a wide variety of humane solutions to solve problems with common nuisance birds like Feral pigeons and European starlings.

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Top 3 Hotel Pest Control Tips

Pest control for hotels and hospitality is just one of the many areas of daily operations a hotelier or hotel general manager must account for. Never before has pest control been one of the most concerning and simultaneously challenging issues hotels face. The digital age has brought innovations such as phones with high resolution cameras, [...]

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Pigeons Get Too Much Bad Press

It is very rare to hear someone say something nice about a pigeon. Most of the time people tend to complain about them, their unsightly droppings, and how annoying it is to have them flying around their property. So perhaps it is time to promote the positive about pigeons and to even illustrate how heroic [...]

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Pest Control Pets

Some animals are natural pest control technicians. From fly eating toads to mice chasing cats there’s an animal out there which would make a great pet and supply a pest control service too. Dogs have been used for centuries as rat catchers and along with cats they are still employed as an effective and cost efficient [...]

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