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Carpenter Ant Awareness Week

Carpenter Ant Awareness Week is a reminder to fortify your home against this summertime pests. Learn how to prevent carpenter ants from ruining your summer.

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Cicada Summer: A Love Story

2 Cicadas In Love

News outlets here in the United States have been buzzing in recent weeks in preparation of the emergence of periodical cicadas in the eastern states this spring and summer. The Brood II Magicicada will be out in force in states like New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. After spending most of their lives underground, feeding on [...]

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The Reasons Why Bees Swarm

Bees Swarming on Tree

Have you ever wondered why bees swarm? The deBugged blog explores the reasons behind the natural bee phenomena.

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How to Fight Indoor Plant Pests

After the invasion of oak processionary moths in Kew Gardens grabbed headlines earlier this year, there has been much talk of enforcing stricter plant passport regulations in the UK. The “potentially deadly” moths (that can cause serious asthma attacks) were brought into London via a shipment of Dutch-imported oak trees. Kew Gardens employed a team [...]

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Cricket Fossil Sings a Tune

Pest control news come in all shapes and sizes, covering wasps in the summer and termites and ants in the spring. While most pests are a nuisance, few come with a soundtrack. Enter the cricket.  Scientists from the US and China discovered a prehistoric insect fossil that has retained extraordinary detail. So extraordinary in fact, that the structures that [...]

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