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D is for Dengue fever

Up till now my holidays haven’t seen me leave Europe- so, no need for visas, and most importantly no need for shots (immunisations). But with an upcoming planned family trip to Thailand, I am becoming more aware of potential health risks we could face. My sister-in-law and family live in the outskirts of Phuket, Thailand. [...]

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Sweet Dreams About Mice

I have been experiencing some surreal dreams lately about pests, but then I guess that’s what writing about pests all day long does to you. Deep in my subconscious lives a talking mouse and a talking pigeon. Last night I dreamt that I had a very pretty pet mouse living in my Christmas tree. The [...]

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Mosquitoes, Malaria and Bella Italy!

In preparation for my upcoming holiday to south Italy I was browsing through the history section in my guide book to Puglia and discovered some fascinating facts about how mosquitoes had devastated entire communities. The endemic and epidemic presence of malaria in Italy has shaped the history and development of this beautiful country, but especially [...]

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Pests in Paradise

A few years ago I visited the Carribean on a business trip and stayed in an all-inclusive resort. Though not enjoyable, the food was edible. Or as I discovered later, inedible. Over 80% of conference delegates were ill. Diacalm became a precious commodity, traded in meetings for chocolate, branded gin and other luxuries smuggled through [...]

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5 Poems Rentokil Would Have Ruined

To A Mouse by Robert Burns “To A Mouse” is Burns’s apology to a field mouse whose nest he had disturbed. He in turn reflected on the nature of life, and how despite our best intentions and efforts, things out of our control can ruin our plans (“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men/ [...]

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