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Cockroaches Linked To Asthma In New York Study

Yesterday I blogged about how pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches are used in Homeopathy to cure asthma. The ethos of Homeopathy is that a little bit of what ails you, can also help cure you. Apart from distributing bad germs and causing nasty upset stomachs cockroach droppings may trigger asthma too. The link between [...]

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How To Avoid Bad Luck on Friday 13th

Be weary of black cats and ladders because it’s Friday the 13th! @TheRandomWords top tweeted earlier claiming that more than 60 million people around the world will stay at home today for fear of something bad happening to them. It’s a good job we’re not superstitious at Rentokil because there are lots of bad superstitions around [...]

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The Creative Bug

Mike Libby is the founder of Insect Lab, collaboration between bugs, arachnids, antique watch parts and electronic devices. His inspiration came over a decade ago when a colourful dead beetle by a vending machine caught his eye (we hope we weren’t guilty). The coils in his Rhode Island School of Design brain whirled and the [...]

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Two Sides To American Pest Control

Many years ago I had a client who had two major problems. One was a nasty cockroach problem and the other was, well, me. She was a nice enough lady but she must have felt ashamed or embarrassed to have a bug man and so she was very specific in her instructions. I was to [...]

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Bumping Uglies with the Dreaded Cockroach!

No matter where you live, whether it’s the UK, USA or almost anywhere else – you will find the cockroach. Stories abound that in a nuclear attack cockroaches will survive, but just for the record – let’s not try that please. The most prolific cockroach is the German cockroach, once they are in your home [...]

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