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A Book of Bugs

Ever have a pest question that just need a simple answer? The Book of Bugs might just be your time-saver! Learn about all it offers in this great article!

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Why Bugs Love Basements

Discover the reasons why bugs are so fond of infesting basements and pick up a few good tips on how to pest proof your basement.

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I keep the bugs I find because I’m hungry.


When was the last time you were offered a chocolate covered grasshopper? They are real you know. I remember when I was a kid in elementary school and a student brought them in. I never asked where they came from and never accepted the offer – but he absolutely loved eating those things. Eating insects is actually [...]

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Pest Control Weapons

There’s a pest control assistant in every household. It may be lurking beneath the stairs or locked away in a dark cupboard…. yes you’ve guessed it (and the picture was a bit of a giveaway too)… it’s the vacuum cleaner. This household star appliance not only keeps your home clean from the dust, dirt and [...]

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What We Can Learn From Cockroaches

Cockroach…the mere mention of the word can conjure up some fairly disturbing accounts of heavily infested apartments with deplorable living conditions. But however disgusting you think cockroaches might be, there are some useful things we can learn from them. Have you ever wondered how a cockroach can feast on the remains of a week old [...]

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