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Our Newest Member to the Team…

I attended a bedbug symposium last week with Jerry, our go-to guy when you need to know about bedbugs. First off, this symposium was no short meeting; I learned everything there was to know about bedbugs (a 3 hour endeavor). The only thing I originally knew about bedbugs was that they pop up randomly in public places. [...]

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Bed Bugs On College Campus

A good friend called me last night to tell me that there has been an outbreak of bed bugs at her daughter’s school (which shall remain nameless). “What should I do?” she asked me.  Now that’s a question I am asked quite frequently, now that I work for a pest control company. If you’re heading [...]

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The Pest Olympics — Amazing Pest Feats

As is the case every Olympics (Winter or otherwise), I am in awe of what the human body can achieve.  The years of dedication, of training, of success and of triumph that Olympians endure deserves our respect. But in watching the 2010 Olympics, it occurred to me that humans have nothing over most pests when [...]

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Do Pests Go On Vacation

There’s something about a peaceful lakeside vacation that makes you a bit more reflective about the mundane.  Every day me and my colleagues think about pests in some form or another as part of our jobs – pests in homes, bedbugs in hotels, stinging insects at a picnic, the list goes on and on.  But as [...]

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We Have A BedBug Sniffer Dog

Using dogs to sniff out bedbugs is not new, but it is new to J. C. Ehrlich. The newest four legged employee, Roxy, is a German Shepherd puppy who was saved by a Sales Rep from an animal shelter and who now goes hunting down bedbugs on work days. On rest days she stays in the [...]

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