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Reasons To Read The Instructions

Stories have been circulating in the press over the past week regarding the number of acute illnesses arising from misuse of pesticides. From 2003-2010 the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in the US recorded 111 cases of acute illness, and one death, after DIY bed bug exterminations. A North Carolina woman, who was suffering [...]

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Pest Control Pets

Some animals are natural pest control technicians. From fly eating toads to mice chasing cats there’s an animal out there which would make a great pet and supply a pest control service too. Dogs have been used for centuries as rat catchers and along with cats they are still employed as an effective and cost efficient [...]

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War Tactics: Catapulting Wasps Nests And Flea Bombs

Every day we wage a battle against the pests which invade our human places but throughout history man has used the disease and chaos spread by biting insects such as fleas, flies and yellow jackets to his advantage. Across the globe and back as far as the mind can stretch, insects have been used as instruments [...]

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Stink Bugs and Other Evil Miasmas

Anyone who has been the victim of the noxious fumes secreted from the appropriately named stink bug will be reluctant to touch one again. The strong, distinctive stench serves as a warning not to touch and is certainly hard to forget. They may not bite – but their fumes reek. If you haven’t yet spotted [...]

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Safe travels this Memorial Day Weekend

Getting ready to start the Memorial Day weekend? I know I am looking forward to enjoying a 3 day weekend at home, planting in the garden and playing a little golf. For those of you who will be traveling over the holiday weekend, be sure to take precaution from encountering bed bugs. Whether staying in [...]

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