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How to Tackle a Bed Bug Infestation

Incidences of bed bugs have been on the rise over the last few years as these insects have become increasingly resistant to certain pesticides, and humans are able to travel longer distances in shorter amounts of time. Often unwittingly brought into a home in luggage following a trip, an infestation in the house can be a [...]

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Avoid Foreign Pests While Traveling

I’m not going to say everyone hates creepy crawly things – entomologists exist after all – but at least most of us do. We tend to deal with these creepy crawlies because at least we know what kind of pests we might expect to find in our own backyard. Traveling abroad, however, opens up a [...]

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Bed Bugs: Good News for the Hairy

As I was scouring the world of pest news for this post,  it became quite obvious that the “new” news is pretty much the “old” news: bed bugs dominating the headlines when travel and holidays intersect.  Seems fitting that holiday travel tips found on many online resources are also dispensing advice about bed bugs. While [...]

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The Nose Knows Bed Bugs

Our Rentokil North American headquarters was visited recently by our five, four-legged bed bug detection colleagues. They were the coolest kids in school (the office) that day. It dawned on me that the five bed bug experts being showered with affection as they patrolled the hallways were not just adorable, but also really good at [...]

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Hotel Pest Control Is Not Just About Bed Bugs

Hotels have many day to day concerns: making sure their guests are happy with their rooms, ensuring the kitchen is equipped to deal with the influx of orders at lunch and dinner time and making sure guests can check-in and out as efficiently as possible. But on top of all this, they have to deal [...]

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