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The Sting of 89

deBugged blogger Steve shares the captivating story of how a bee sting cost him the gold medal in his final pole vaulting competition.

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Cockroaches Linked To Asthma In New York Study

Yesterday I blogged about how pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches are used in Homeopathy to cure asthma. The ethos of Homeopathy is that a little bit of what ails you, can also help cure you. Apart from distributing bad germs and causing nasty upset stomachs cockroach droppings may trigger asthma too. The link between [...]

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From One Dust Mite Allergy Sufferer to Another

If you’re like me, you suffer from a number of allergies: grass, trees, pollen, pet dander (Ed: I presume this is an American-ism for pet hair/fur), mould and mildew, and yes, those ugly microscopic varmints, dust mites. Of all the allergens, the most problematic are the dust mites . . . how do you avoid [...]

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