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Top 10 Cartoon Bugs

Top Cartoon Insects

Animated movies and T.V. shows bring us back to our childhood, whether it be watching movies with our parents when we were children, or watching them with your children now. The characters in these movies have been stood the test of time, whether it be Mickey Mouse or Shrek. Quite often cartoon characters are some sort of an animal that portray a common theme.

Insects are one of the most popular types of animals that are featured by cartoonists. Most of the time, insects are portrayed as hard working protagonists that have to overcome an obstacle (mostly a larger animal) to accomplish their goal. Just like in real life, these insects are very cunning and wise and are able to find a solution to almost any hurdle and prevail in the end.

Check out our list of insects that have made the cut to be considered the best cartoon insects of all time.

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Ratzilla: Pest or Hero?


Some of you may have read about sightings of giant rats, dubbed by one paper as ‘Ratzilla’. These are allegedly just well fed Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus), but did you know there are larger rat species around the world and some of them are considered heroes rather than pests?

Rat that is used to help detect the presence of landmines.

Rat that is used to help detect the presence of landmines.

The African Giant Pouched Rat (Cricetomys Gambianus) is native to most of Sub-Saharan Africa and weighs in at over 2 lb, two or three times bigger than a Brown Rat. With Non-Government Organization funding, a group called APOPO was set up 20 years ago to train these rats to detect landmines. Weighing roughly 2 lbs, the rats are not heavy enough to set off the mines. Starting in Mozambique, the program now operates in six countries in Africa and Asia. Read More »

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Infographic: The Ultimate Guide To Pest Seasonality

Pest Seasonality InfographicIn the world of pest control, preparation is everything. We at Ehrlich are constantly looking for new ways to help our customers to reduce potential infestations from occurring. While pests like insects and rodents present enumerable challenges for humans, there is one aspect we can always count on year-in and year-out: seasonality. Whether its a mouse in the house in the fall or termites making a dent in your wallet in the spring, specific pests are more active at different points of the year in the United States.

While some pests like cockroaches and bed bugs remain active year-round, many insect intruders are seen indoors at a higher rate during one of the four seasons. You can decrease the likelihood of your home experiencing pest problems by planning ahead. Take action to proof your home against the pests you know will be in season before they become highly active. We created the below Ultimate Guide to Pest Seasonality Infographic so you always know what pests could be pestering you throughout the year. Read More »

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The Ultimate Guide To Pest Proofing Your Home

Ultimate Guide to Pest-Proofing Your HomeMost people look forward to warm weather. Whether it’s soaking up the sun or having a backyard barbecue, when it’s warm outside, life is good. Unfortunately, pests feel the same about sunny days. Pests are constantly looking for a warm place where they can thrive…even your home!

Are you concerned about keeping your house pest-free?  Would you scream if you saw a rodent or a cockroach crawl across your kitchen floor?

The best way to prevent a pest problem in your home is to deny pests entry in the first place. We compiled this Ultimate Guide To Pest-Proofing Your Home to provide you with common-sense tips you can use to keep pests where they belong – outdoors!  Read More »

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Man Attempts DIY Spider Control and Sets His Home on Fire

Man sets house on fire to kill spiderIt happens every day; you see a spider in your home. There are usually two things that happen, you let out a child-like scream and run away or you catch the spider and remove it calmly.

Rarely does it happen the way it did this week in Seattle, Washington, when a man noticed a spider crawling around in his laundry room and chose to take the problem on himself, with a can of spray paint and a lighter, creating a blow torch.


Obviously, things went terribly wrong and he set part of his house on fire, but luckily he and his mother both escaped the home. Although they were both unharmed, the estimated $60,000 in reported property damage is far too much of a price to pay for pest eradication. Read More »

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