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Does what it says on the tin. When there is a funny / interesting / controversial pest control story in the news, it’ll get mentioned here.

Africanized Killer Bees Facts And Safety Tips

Photo: Sajjad Fazel

Pick up some helpful hints and africanized bee facts from Ehrlich Pest Control’s deBugged blog.

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USPestWatch – Help Build a Map of US Termite Activity

US Pest Watch Image | US Termite Map

Read about USPestWatch – the new interactive map plotting termite activity throughout the United States. If you’ve encountered a termite in the last 5 years, plot it on USPestWatch and help build the map.

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Carpenter Ant Awareness Week

Carpenter Ant Awareness Week is a reminder to fortify your home against this summertime pests. Learn how to prevent carpenter ants from ruining your summer.

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West Nile Virus and You: What You Need To Know

Tis the season to soak up some sun by the pool or on the beach, or perhaps the golf course. For others, enjoying an after-work neighborhood stroll is the ideal way to clear away the distractions and noise of the day. Others still, will mow their lawns at this more convenient time of day, giving [...]

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Cicada Summer: A Love Story

2 Cicadas In Love

News outlets here in the United States have been buzzing in recent weeks in preparation of the emergence of periodical cicadas in the eastern states this spring and summer. The Brood II Magicicada will be out in force in states like New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. After spending most of their lives underground, feeding on [...]

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