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Cricket Fossil Sings a Tune

Pest control news come in all shapes and sizes, covering wasps in the summer and termites and ants in the spring. While most pests are a nuisance, few come with a soundtrack. Enter the cricket.  Scientists from the US and China discovered a prehistoric insect fossil that has retained extraordinary detail. So extraordinary in fact, that the structures that [...]

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Would You Like Flies With That?

How do you feel about government promoting eating insects as a protein source and not mentioning that bugs are part of the processed animal protein in your burger? That’s what a research project funded by the European Commission is touting as an alternative protein source. Backed by 3 million euros, and launched last fall by [...]

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How Mild Winters Affect Pests

It’s January in the age of climate change and pests or pest control are not likely topics that people are discussing. But they should be. Partly because of what winter used to represent, and partly because winter, and it’s curious bedfellow - unseasonably warm winters – are simply throwing us curveballs week after week. Sometimes several times a week. Recent snowfall has disappeared barely leaving [...]

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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Choices for pest control are rarely considered when things are quiet and the absence of things that go bump in the night, or the telltale sign of spiders or other bugs are curiously absent from our lives. We’ve all been there. You see the first trail of ants and you get out the ant spray or [...]

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Integrated Pest Management and Apples

Integrated pest management is a term we use in the pest control industry to define a service standard that is both environmentally conscious and highly effective. My family consumes a lot of produce and I have to admit not once while eating an apple or an avocado have I considered the implications that IPM (Integrated Pest [...]

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