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Interview with a Technician: Edwin Ortega

Pest Control Technician Edwin Ortega Presto-X

The deBugged blog interviewed Presto-X Pest Control technician, Edwin Ortega, about his daily experiences helping customers control and prevent pest problems.

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Kudzu Bug Distribution On The Move

kudzu bug 2

Native to Asia, the kudzu bug has spread across southeastern U.S. states and is on track to continue to cause headaches by destroying crops and invading homes.

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What Diseases Do Mice Carry?

Mouse Close Up

What diseases are spread by mice? The deBugged blog shares information about some of the most common diseases humans can contract from mice & other rodents.

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Western Exterminator Hits The Silver Screen

Big Ass Spider Collage

Western Exterminator is at the center of a new Hollywood creature feature, Big Ass Spider. The movie chronicles a pest control technician facing off against a giant spider set on destroying Los Angeles.

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Stink Bugs Invading Social Media

Stink Bugs are not only taking over residences and giving farmers headaches. These smelly insects have caused a stir on social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

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