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Our Backbone… You Could Say

Here in Reading, PA at the corporate office of Ehrlich, we are home to one of five distribution centers. Did you know that? Did you know that we had distribution centers through the U.S.? I didn’t…but considering I am starting from the ground and working my way up in knowledge, I’m not surprised I didn’t. I feel like [...]

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Our Newest Member to the Team…

I attended a bedbug symposium last week with Jerry, our go-to guy when you need to know about bedbugs. First off, this symposium was no short meeting; I learned everything there was to know about bedbugs (a 3 hour endeavor). The only thing I originally knew about bedbugs was that they pop up randomly in public places. [...]

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Vegetation…might not be that good for you

Eating your vegetables is good for you. But when you warp the word to “vegetation”, the problems can begin. After a meeting with our VMS (Vegetation Management Service) manager, I learned that not all shrubbery is safe… “Vegetation” goes down two tracks in the Pest Management Industry. The first, and one we all like to [...]

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Can you smell that smell? Because I can’t

This season stink bugs have been in full effect. They are everywhere. What is funny about the stinkbug is that even though they aren’t harmful, they certainly are menacing, sour-smelly pests, and people want to get rid of them. I recently sat with an Inside Sales Representative, Brian, at Ehrlich Rentokil, to learn how he [...]

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Being Friends With Your Pest Control Expert

It takes dedication to work a 14 hour day, especially if you’ve been doing it with a company for 30 years. Today was my first Technician ride-along, and I, thankfully, did not need to start the day with him at 5:00AM! When you’ve been with Ehrlich for 30 years, I guess you know the ins-and-outs [...]

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