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Rachael Bryan

I joined the Rentokil Ehrlich team September 2012 as the Sales and Marketing Management Trainee in Reading, Pennsylvania. I never imagined working for a pest control company, but the pest management business is more than just spraying for unwanted guests. I’ve been intrigued and fascinated by the inner-workings of the company, how the business functions, and the different lines of business that make up “pest control”. While completing marketing work, I also shadow colleagues throughout the week to learn what they do and how they do it. My eyes have been opened. Bring on the bugs! And weeds…and bioremediation services…and…well you’ll see. Just read!

I keep the bugs I find because I’m hungry.


When was the last time you were offered a chocolate covered grasshopper? They are real you know. I remember when I was a kid in elementary school and a student brought them in. I never asked where they came from and never accepted the offer – but he absolutely loved eating those things. Eating insects is actually [...]

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More than a Pest Control Professional…

A woman I work with here in the Corporate office stunned me yesterday when I interviewed her for an article I am writing. It was so touching that I wanted to spread the word about her as much as possible. Working at a pest control company, everyone expects that your life is bugs, just like accountants lives [...]

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A New Year for Discovery

As I search through Facebook-esque articles and blogs for Ehrlich’s page, I sometimes stumble upon beautiful articles. Sometimes the article is about a woman who feeds the pest mice instead of killing them (only to anger her neighbors), and sometimes it is straight scientific data that blows my mind. A few weeks ago I found [...]

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No Bugs to Fear = Holiday Cheer!

No matter what holiday you are celebrating this year, there is still the need for caution. Tales are passed down through generations about holiday cheer thwarted by the reckless invader. Home invasions, that’s right. Every year, delinquents join the festivities unbeknownst to you and your family. This year…that won’t happen because you’ll know how to stop [...]

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Bird Control to the Rescue!

Yesterday, 12/11/12, a front page article was written in our local newspaper The Reading Eagle, “Invasion of the starlings”. Our Corporate Home Office is located in Reading, PA and not only did this article catch my eye, but it came as no surprise to our Bird Control Division that their phones were ringing off the [...]

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